Each year I take on a limited number of unique commissions to ensure that each piece gets the attention it deserves. For more information please fill out this form or email hello@blacktulipcalligraphy.com and we'll work together to make your wildest design dreams a reality!

Fine Art Pet Portraits
Closed. Service update coming mid-2021.

Jacket Calligraphy + Illustration
A custom hand-painted jacket is the cherry on top of your carefully curated event or party. It's the perfect way honor all the hard work you've poured into developing your brand and business. It's wearable art for a bold style and creative soul. Turnaround time is roughly 6-8 weeks from the agreed upon start date and pricing begins at $200 for fully custom designs. 

Photo (Top) Courtesy of Annalise Sheridan | Photo (Bottom Left) Courtesy of Monique Sourinho

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