Inspired by the rich + somber oil paintings of the Dutch Golden Age, Escher's precise and masterful line work, Van Gogh's whimsy, Dali's dreams, Bob Ross' authenticity and genuine joy of painting, Mother Nature, retro interior design, antique shops and Queen, darling

Black Tulip designs are created with our planet in mind. It is for this reason that I do not work on projects that require excessive plastic waste and why I do not offer acrylic sign services. I am phasing out my yupo sheets, continually researching about lower-waste alternatives for my business and am constantly brainstorming different ways to incorporate less virgin material into my artwork. I aim to recycle and reuse whenever possible and I am currently reworking my shipping to be plastic-free. All jacket originals are thrifted or "rescued" pieces. 

- T H E  D E S I G N  P R O C E S S -

Step One; Gather details by email or phone call. 
Step Two; Contract and retainer payment. 
Step Three; Digital mock up and revision period. 
Step Four; Client approval.
Step Five; Production, final balance and shipping!

Photo Courtesy of Corey Lynn Tucker Photography.

- T H E  S T U D I O -

My studio is actually a small closet space in the corner of our fixer upper's living room that has been lovingly converted into a built-in desk by my talented Husband. I designed the space to be beautiful and functional, considering its small square footage. It's a space I can call all my own, and houses my most-used art supplies, my collection of crystals and a special selection of odds and ends I've found or been gifted throughout the years. And yes, going against all interior design "rules", I've painted the walls of my tiny space black.

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