Creativity During Quarantine

2020 has been incredibly isolating, the news can be terrifying and the outlook at times seems quite dim and bleak. I acknowledge and respect those feelings, but I want to try to shift your focus...

The first thing we have to do is release ourselves from any pressure. You are not obligated to "make the most" of this quarantine time. The house does not have to be spotless (although it might help to tidy up a little), you do not need to get "shredded" (but please keep your body moving) and your business doesn't need a complete overhaul (although this is a great opportunity to work on your business if you can't work in it). You are obligated, however, to respect yourself and others. Creativity is a beautiful way to do this. It allows you to accomplish something small, explore ideas and soothe your mind all from the comfort of your home.

Jump In
Oftentimes the idea of starting a creative endeavor can be so daunting that you never actually get to make something. One of the best ways to combat this "paralysis" is to just jump in. Grab your camera, (yes, your phone works too!) and take a walk, now is a wonderful time to reconnect with nature! Turn on some music that inspires you or choose a playlist that evokes a mood and see where that takes you. Light a candle and write a poem by the soft light. Put pen to paper and draw a shape over and over again to create a pattern. Splatter different colors of paint across an empty canvas. Take the plunge and let creativity lead you. 

Gathering inspiration often proves just as fulfilling as the actual creation process. I just revamped my Pinterest to cover a wide variety of different creative interests. Check it out and then create your own board with images that inspire you! 

Experimentation can also lead you down a creative path. Just DO IT. Stop researching if this will work if you do this. Instead of asking people what they use, try it out yourself. Learning what works through experimentation can leave you feeling so inspired and has strengthened my art in ways I cannot describe with words.

Admiration and Retrospection
Another way to keep up your creative focus is to admire other creative or makers. When I'm not creating, I'm watching somebody else do it or scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram connecting with the art that really speaks to me. Supporting the makers whose art and creativity guides you is truly fulfilling. And, while we're on the topic, you don't need to box yourself into admiring the creators and makers doing what you want to do. Watch people turn wood on a lathe or cast things out of resin. You can learn a lot from other people's passions, too! 

Lastly, looking back through history to see how processes have evolved or how a traditional craft began and asking yourself how we can expand on that today can really stretch your creative mind in a positive way. A lot of precesses that were originally done out of necessity are now considered crafts, specialty skills or hobbies today. Calligraphy, soap or candle making, book binding, foraging, pot making, etc. all originate from some basic need being fulfilled for a community. Now, we consider it "artisanal" if we buy products being made with these traditional processes. 

And even if you're not feeling creative; often history has a habit of repeating itself, so looking back can prove quite helpful in challenging times like this.

Wishing you creativity, strength and peace. 
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