This time last year found me skeptical of the "word of the year" practice. I thought it might be helpful for others, but certainly not for me. How could I choose one word to govern my entire year's state of mind? Early January 2019 saw dozens of inspiring words pop up on my social media feed. If I'm being honest, I felt a little defeated and intimidated by all of my peers seemingly solidifying and proclaiming their goals in just one word. How was this possible? And then it hit me... Literally... Check out this post for the rest of the story. 

2019 was a "lesson year" for me. I call it this because I spent this time learning lesson after lesson about my new full-time business, vendor relations within the wedding industry, working with multiple clients at a time, supportive vs. toxic family, chronic pain and disability management, living in constant home renovation and setting boundaries and balance for it all. I spent the year experimenting with life and noting the outcome for future reference. To put it bluntly, 2019 was a painfully exhaustive journey for me. 

Through it all I have gained the tools and information I need to continue moving forward. I fought the fight, learned things the hard way, laid the foundation for my growth and now I must take time to heal. Armed with my knowledge of years past, I will stand firm in my boundaries and I will build myself up from the ashes of 2019 and the decade I fought so hard to emerge from. 

I am both eager and anxious for what 2020 has in store. I am ready for many new lessons and challenges, but I am also ready to make time to heal in between it all. 

I wish for us all the time to heal and to live slowly, with intention. I hope your 2020 is full of the stillness you need, the happiness you seek and the wellness you deserve.
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