Whimsical Jacket Art With A Greater Purpose

Something that is constantly on my mind as a small business owner is my "why" and my "how" aka why am I creating and how am I creating? Answering the why is often harder than the how, but I often find that my reason for creating is either to fuel my creative passions or to serve a greater purpose.

I believe that it is very easy in today's world to lose sight of the "why" and "how" that fuels creation, especially when social media is full of content creators often carelessly sourcing and cranking out the most lavish and jaw-dropping inspiration for you to admire and covet. But often times that content isn't really serving anyone. Particularly in the wedding industry this type of content can make you feel like you missed out if you didn't have this as an element of your wedding day that has already passed. It can make you feel inadequate if you weren't the vendor to come up with that "ingenious idea". And worst of all, this content can make couples believe they need to make expensive plans for their weddings if they want to "stack up" with the others. 

No matter what you feel you need as an individual, as a business owner, or as a couple planning your wedding, I hope that your "why" is being accessed with each purchase and each plan made. Which leads me to my "why" for this jacket I'm writing about today. Corey, my talented photographer friend, had a plan to work with a few eco-passionate vendors (myself included) and offer a prize to anyone who could make a solid effort to pass on plastic for the whole month of July. It was an amazing opportunity for me to create something that could inspire people to give plastic-free living a try. What an impactful reason to create! 

With my "why" crossed off, I needed to get my "how" sorted out. Could I buy a jacket off the shelf of some big-name retailer? Sure! But why would I do that when there are already countless jackets hanging in thrift shops across the country, in great condition too might I add! With my two biggest struggles as a business owner figured out for this project I got to work on this whimsical design with a full heart and a happy mind. Creating for a greater purpose fuels passion and makes you just feel damn good about what you're doing.

All photos in this post courtesy of Corey Lynn Tucker- Elopement Photographer

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