Haunting Halloween Calligraphy Details

October 2018 Styled Shoot with Corey Lynn Tucker Photography and her model Monika, Together LLC, and The Findery CT. 

So: I get this DM on Instagram from an extremely talented photographer that I've recently discovered/followed/stalked all of her work. She says she has plans for a spooky halloween-bridal inspired shoot and wants to know if I can contribute. I'm still getting used to sharing my art publicly, so I was surprised that she reached out to me. 

This photoshoot was such a fun and unique deviation from the styled shoots I'm used to. It was so much fun to be able to create more "graphic" calligraphy, something a little less traditional! Below you can find a selection of my favorite shots from Corey. 

Calligraphy completed with white acrylic paint on fresh apples and with a blue pumpkin nib and Ziller Ink in North Wind White on agate slice.

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