- C U S T O M  J A C K E T  C A L L I G R A P H Y  +  I L L U S T R A T I O N -

Design Your Own
Your ideas serve as the basis of the design. There are a limited number of spots on my calendar each year for this custom service, so I can be sure that each client's jacket gets the design time it deserves. Included in this service is a digital draft with one revision, ink/paint, and labor. Jackets are supplied by the client and can be of a leather, faux leather, denim/cotton material. There is a 50% retainer paid before services begin and turnaround time is roughly 5-8 weeks from the agreed upon start date that we discuss prior to entering into a contract.

Thrifted Jacket Originals
For non-custom jacket creation I source thrifted or "rescued" jackets to create treasure from trash. These jackets are limited edition, they are priced individually and selection varies constantly. Customization of an available jacket is often possible for a fee. Following my Instagram is a great way to get notified when original jackets become available to purchase!

Photo Courtesy of Lauren LePage Photography

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