If I'm being honest, writing about my accomplishments, my skills or my life journey is a rather uncomfortable task for me.

From day one, my world has been very turbulent. Lots of highs and lows have shaped my life into its current form. Art has been my one constant throughout it all. From my first finger-painting to my most recent project, I've experimented with and experienced many artistic mediums; multi-media painting, photography, sculpture, paper craft, pastry decoration, sketching and drawing, graphic design, embroidery, screen-printing, makeup and nail artistry, hair coloring, creative writing, videography and most importantly (and enjoyably) hand-lettering and calligraphy. I pour my whole heart and mind into every creative endeavor I pursue, not because I'm a perfectionist (ok, maybe I am...) but because I'm very passionate about making things.

Photo Courtesy of Corey Lynn Tucker

On a more personal note, I'm a true aquarian (weirdo) and a passionate plant-powered people person. I'm a "six with a seven wing", an ENFJ Protagonist and a proud Slytherin. I love dirty vegan desserts, my husband/BFF Spencer and our little baby dog Beatrice. If I'm not at my desk making art you can find me cooking in the kitchen, shopping for unnecessary things at Target, befriending baristas at my local Starbucks, watching re-runs of The Office, walking Beatrice in the park, or falling down a Youtube rabbit hole.

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