COVID-19 Impact on the Wedding + Events Industry

My studio walks the fine line between wedding vendor and independent artist. I thank my lucky stars daily that I have steady work that does not rely on an event. But for many in the wedding industry this is not the case. I want to take a moment to acknowledge any couple or small business that has had to postpone plans or has closed their doors. Although my business stands largely unaffected at this moment, I feel a shift coming and wanted to share my thoughts and keep you informed of what I think is to come. 

Photo Courtesy of Corey Lynn Tucker

The Shift
The weddings originally scheduled for the beginning of this wedding season are now being postponed to the end of the season, or next year, which means that anyone who was planning their wedding for those later dates now has a larger pool of couples they're "competing" for dates with and vendors can only stretch themselves so thin. If you were one of those late 2020 or 2021 couples, you might want to consider locking in your vendors sooner than later. Especially if you have specific vendors you're dreaming of working with. 

My heart absolutely aches for you if you've had to change your date. I do not want to minimize the pain or frustration anyone is feeling right now, nor do I want this post to incite panic in your planning process. I do, however, want to keep you informed and armed with knowledge so you can stay in control of your event plans! 

The Vendors
I have been watching from the sidelines as my fellow creatives man their different professional roles and share their game plans and actionable steps for their couples and future couples. Keep in mind that vendors are here to work with you, so the best step you can take if you are overwhelmed or concerned is to reach out and ask questions!

If you're had to postpone your event or are quarantined (who isn't anymore?) and looking for connection, check out the resources below from local vendors who are here to help! I will continue to update this post as I find more services and offerings;

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