The No-Hassle Way to Submit a Guest List

A common request you will receive when working with a calligrapher on an event is a guest list; a finalized and spell-checked compilation of your invitees. Your list of names can be accompanied by table numbers or addresses, depending on the project you're working on. The secret combo to nailing a list submission is clear and easy formatting and proper reviewing. It is so important that you carve out a little extra time to get this list right before you send it over to your calligrapher. By not cutting corners, you will save yourself time and money (or even heartbreak!). 

Formatting a list can be a puzzling task. Spreadsheet based programs, like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, help keep things clear, orderly, and neatly spaced. Unless your calligrapher asks for your names to be formatted a specific way, you can format your list however works best for you. My policy; as long as it's easy to read, accurate and has no missing information, I have no formatting preferences! 

Proper Reviewing
As a calligrapher, you see a lot of names. But with all the variations out there, it's truly impossible to know if you've got the right spelling unless you know the person. For example; "Mc Millan, McMillan, McMilan" are all valid last names, but any one of these could easily be incorrect. Since you know your guests best, it's up to you to make sure you send over the correct spellings to your calligrapher, who will copy exactly what you provide them with. 

By reviewing your guest list, you cut down on the amount of extra correspondence with your calligrapher, which ultimately means your projects may get done faster. And, without mistakes, you can be sure your commissioned calligraphy piece turns out just as desired, saving you the opportunity for disappointment or heartbreak. 

Why is it so important to get it right the first time? Sometimes you can't make changes after the fact. Surfaces like leather, denim or other fabric projects don't leave room for mistakes, and specialty papers that you don't have replacements of can also pose this issue. If your surface can be "edited" after the fact, some calligraphers may charge an error correction fee (a certain amount per revision) so getting it right the first time may save you some money, too. 

Bottom line; the no-hassle way to submit a final guest list is format clearly and to make sure you've checked it, maybe a few times, before submitting. Sometimes submitting your finalized list a few days late is better than submitting it on-time with flaws. 

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