5 Ways to Incorporate Calligraphy Into Your Event

Often I will receive an inquiry about my services, but the client does not know what exactly it is they are looking for. It is hard to give a quote or walk someone through the brainstorming process without an end goal. Calligraphy is a very open-ended service and can be incorporated into your event in numerous ways, but having too many possibilities can sometimes feel quite overwhelming. If you're ever been interested in how you can add calligraphed details into your event, this blog post is for you!

Place + Escort Cards
I think one of the most popular ways to incorporate calligraphy into your event space design is with place and escort cards. This is also one of the most interactive ways to add calligraphy to your event, because they make up part of your guests' experience. These cards tell your guests the mood of the evening, tells them where to sit, and can serve as a personal touch for their place setting. It's a small detail, but creates a large impact. Pricing starts at $2 per card, average client spending between $400-$600.

Jacket Calligraphy + Illustration
One of the most fun and personal wedding details you could incorporate into your event is a customized jacket. A custom jacket allows the wearer to express themselves beyond any "traditional" attire your event may have. Designs start at $50, average client spending between $300-$600. 

Bar or Dessert Signs + Labels
Another great way to incorporate calligraphy into an event (especially if you're on a budget!) is to label your dessert or bar offerings with a menu sign or with individual labeling. Think; couple's drink choices, or the finishing touch to your dessert bar. Pricing varies, which helps this calligraphy service fit into any budget! Average client spends between $100-$200. 

Love Letters
A beautiful and super personal calligraphed touch for your event is by trading hand written love letters, gifting keepsake vows, or with poems or lyrics from a meaningful song. You can ask your photography is they know how to do a "douple exposure" with your handwritten pieces to incorporate the calligraphy into the photos from your event, as well. Pricing starts at $50, average client spending between $150-$300. 

Table Numbers
Another great way to add to your guests' experience is with calligraphed or illustrated table numbers. This option is much less expensive than the traditional seating chart, and work best when paired with escort cards laid out for guests to find their name, and take their seat. Pricing begins at $10, average client spending between $80-$150. 

I hope this post could give you some inspiration for your upcoming event. Check out the event calligraphy page for more details on pricing, or get in touch for a personalized quote! 

How are you incorporating calligraphy into your day-of details? 

Photo Courtesy of Corey Lynn Tucker Photography

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