Wildfleur Logo Suite

February 2019 Logo Suite for Wildfleur, Intimate Portraiture.

Intimate boudoir artist, Christine, has cultivated a wonderful message behind her business; to make you feel beautiful, just the way you are! With each beautiful photo, she is showing her clients that it's ok to love yourself, (pulling this from her about me, it's too cute!) ALL OF YOU, and that's a message I can get behind. 

Crafting this logo was so much fun. I love seeing this stylized sketchbook design in small business  branding and feel that it paired really well with the raw and sensual vibe of Wildfleur. The addition of the small butterfly is probably my favorite.. Christine mentioned in her branding questionnaire that butterflies tend to surround her, and I thought this was the perfect way to add a personal element to her branding.

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